Hypnosis Services

Past life Regression

Take a trip through your memories to your past lives guided by holly with a relaxing and exciting hypnosis experiment. (My most popular and favorite service!)

Guided Meditation

Just getting into meditation or need a little extra help? Guided meditation hypnosis is a great way to take a break from thinking while I talk you though a peaceful scenario, leaving you feeling wonderful and refreshed. 


Spiders? Heights? Plane rides? death? I can reverse your fears that have been weighing you down  while helping you take back that power you've always had.

Smoking Cessation

We all know quitting smoking mean extra stress on you, your loved ones or your job. But it doesn't have to be that way. Hypnosis by Holly offers two solutions to help you quit smoking for good with minor stress and complications. I offer a four week, four step system or a one & done session depending on what we decide works best for you! I will also be teaching you techniques and self hypnosis to insure your freedom from cigarettes for good! 

Stress & Anxiety Management

Oh stress.. Everyone has it, everyone deals with it in their owns ways but sometimes it really can become too much to handle.. Take a break from life's stresses & anxieties for a relaxing hypnosis session that will leave you level headed and clear minded, ready to take on whatever life throws at you! 

Forgiveness & Bettering Yourself

PTSD, Procrastination, nail biting, anger, or any unhealthy habit you may have.. Allow me to help you reverse it and release the weight on your shoulders that is restricting you from being the best you YOU can be! Most are reversed with one session.